The Bucket List

200713+93 min7.5/10

Academy Award winners Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star in this touching, no-holds-barred adventure directed by Rob Reiner that shows it's never too late to live life to its fullest. One man was smart enough to go to college, but has worked his entire life as a mechanic; the other owns the hospital in which they are both patients. But these two men with little time left and even less to lose discover that life can be deeply moving and definitely hilarious.

Genrer:Drama, Komedi

Regissör:Rob Reiner

Medverkande:Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Beverly Todd, Rob Morrow, Amber Mead, Annton Berry, Alfonso Freeman, John O'Brien, Rowena King, Ian Dale, Christopher J Stapleton, Richard McGonagle, Hugh Holub, Jennifer Defrancisco, Jonathan Mangum, Alex Trebek, Andrea Johnson, Jordan Lund, Karen Maruyama, Nikki Novak, Destiny Brownridge, Taylor Thompson, Roy Vongtama, Frank Maharajh, Brian Copeland, Verda Bridges, Angela Gardner, Serena Reeder, Jonathan Hernandez, Dawn Lewis, Noel Gugliemi



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