Analyze This

199913+99 min6.8/10

Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro star as a complacent psychiatrist and his neurotic Mob boss client in the gangster comedy Analyze This. Murdering Mafia don Paul Vitti (Academy Award winner De Niro) makes psychiatrist Ben Sobol (Crystal) an offer he can't refuse: Get rid of his panic attacks before an impending crime-family meeting – or else. Now the underachieving Long Island family therapist gambles his professional reputation, his future happiness and his own life to treat his most disturbed patient ever. And, raising the humor stakes, director Harold Ramis pairs Crystal with Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") as Sobol's fiancée who refuses to let anything overshadow her upcoming nuptials.


Regissör:Harold Ramis

Medverkande:Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Viterelli, Rebecca Schull, Ian Marioles, Max Casella, Donna-Marie Recco, Ted Neustadt, Kyle Sabihy, Michael Guarino Jr., Leo Rossi, Jimmy Ray Weeks, Richard Castellano, Dan Barringer, Tony Bennett, Matthew Vega, Pasquale Cajano, Fred Workman, Elizabeth Bracco, Dave Corey, Tony Darrow, Michael Straka, Paula Raflo, Frank Pietrangolare, Drew Eliot, Aasif Mandvi, Michael Harkins, Gene Ruffini, Robert Cea, R M Haley, Molly Shannon, John J Polce, Judith Kahan, Pat Cooper, Gina Gallagher, Luce Ennis, Alfred Sauchelli Jr., William Hill, Kresimir Novakovic ('Crash'), Tony Ray Rossi, Catalfumo (New York Joe), Mickey Bruno, Frank Aquilino, Vinny Vella Jr, Ondine Harris, Joe Rigano, Grace Desena, Bart Tangredi, Ira Wheeler, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Clem Caserta, Tony Dibenedetto, Bill Macy, Vince Cecere, Neil Pepe, Francesca Mari

Produktionsland:USA, Australien


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